Peter Black – instore at Tym’s

Friday 22 September.

I love the Hard On’s, their irreverent humour and fast brand of music. Peter Black did not disappoint with his showcase for his new solo music (although he did preface quite a few songs as potential Hard On’s material). A small but appreciative crowd, Blackie struggled with a disappearing voice (and a lack of water – someone get that man a lemon water!).

Blackie’s solo stuff is wistful and honest, songs about his mum and lost love peppered throughout the set. The set was short (possibly due to the voice issue) but was enjoyable with Blackie’s humour (if I stuff it up I’ll fart) coming through. Tym’s is a great venue for these showcases, small and intimate with pretty good sound, unlike some in-stores that sound way too loud for their small space.



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