Wolf Alice – Eatons Hill Hotel

Friday 28 September

Wolf Alice – Photo Bec Harbour via iPhone


Up front warning – this is going to be more of a critique of Eatons Hill Hotel as a suitable venue for anything other than year 12 formals and whatever the locals go there for.

First of all, public transport and accessibility is almost non-existent so most punters would have had to drive there, secondly, parking is confusing and weird and thirdly trying to actually find the location of the venue in the complex is having to ask way too many suburban beer barn bouncers way too many questions.

The bouncer at the door actually tried to confiscate my camera – I get it, no media pass for this venue. So I missed WAAX. I did get to see them sitting on the path behind the venue (hi guys) while I walked my camera back to the car.

Wolf Alice played a good set, but the sound was awful, with the sound bouncing off the back wall and causing everything to sound muddy and the same. I’m sure the sound techs were trying their best but you know – shit venue. Me and my gig buddy did not even stay for any encores that might have happened. Sorry Wolf Alice, bad venues can happen to the best of bands. I’m going back to flying interstate if a band I want to see is booked out there.


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