Clowns at the Foundry

30 September 2018

Let’s just start by saying that I was reaallllyy excited about this gig – I had seen Clowns before at the Crowbar and was impressed by their energy – they run a tight ship onstage that runs really close to the reef without wrecking itself.

When I heard that they were supported by Voiid, I was even more keen to get to this gig. Voiid impressed me during Big Sound – I regretted not seeing them earlier so I could get a round 2 in.

Let’s talk about the first support act – Semantics. They did not look like they were going to sound. Their first song told me they had their credentials to be at this gig straight, a noisy piece of fuzz-pop, that continued through their set.

Voiid were fantastic, better than at Big Sound (fatigue on the night may have contributed there). They were energetic, loud and I’m trying to think of a better word than sassy as that’s what an old white man might write about a group of young women in a band. I wrote in their BigSound review that they sounded like Sleater Kinney, L7 and Kathleen Hanna mashed together and they have harnessed the same primal roar as these artists.

Clowns were there to promote their new album, Freezing in the Sun. They played stuff from their new album as well as some oldies from their back catalogue. What relentless touring and clever promotion will do – when they played their singles “Freezing in the Sun” and “I Shaved My Legs For You” the crowd roared along. A Clowns live performance never disappoints, lead singer Stevie poured every ounce of energy into every song, backed by great musicians holding the chaos together.  I will definitely catch them again next time they are in town.

Clowns @ the Foundry – photos by Bec Harbour
Clowns @ the Foundry – photos by Bec Harbour
Clowns @ the Foundry – photos by Bec Harbour
Clowns @ the Foundry – photos by Bec Harbour
Clowns @ the Foundry – photos by Bec Harbour

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