WAAX – VB Hard Yards

4 October 2018 – The Foundry

I’m all about supporting up and coming bands (4 nights of hauling arse around the valley for BIG SOUND is a demonstration of commitment). VB hard Yards is offering up and coming bands an opportunity to play and tour and gain exposure around Australia and paying for them to do it. The ballot ticketing system, while slightly annoying is clearly to get people in to listen to the up and coming bands and it worked – the Foundry was pretty full at 8pm when I arrived.

Being Jane Lane, are named after the best show that MTV ever did (and they do a ripping cover of the theme song) and a solid pop-punk band from Brisbane. I saw them last when they supported Horace Bones at the Bloodhound Bar (a sadly underattended gig). I have never seen a group of people up on stage just having so much fun and they brought this to Hard Yards.

I’m beginning to feel like I’m stalking WAAX (really I’m not) this being the third gig in as many weeks that I have been to where they play. I was looking forward to actually seeing them (looking at you Eatons Hill Hotel) and seeing them in a smaller venue than the Riverstage. Singer Marie has a funny effect on super tall bearded men, they must elbow their way to the front to hold their phones up in homage.

WAAX are ready to take off – they won’t be playing these small venues for much longer. As I previously mentioned in my review for the Brisbane Festival Closing Party, they have a killer single lined up (if they work out what to call it). They are ready. The set was solid and the crowd was amped (possibly on VB). Aside from the giant bearded individuals, there were lots of happy faces in the crowd singing along. Sooooo WAAX… do you have a gig next week for me to go to so I can make it 4 for 4?


WAAX, VB Hard Yards @thefoundry –  photo Bec Harbour – no bearded giants in the way



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