Horror My Friend

The Brightside – 27 October 2018

I received an email letting me know that the venue had changed for Horror My Friend, and I wondered what had happened to the Bloodhound Bar. It turns out that they have had noise complaints from surrounding residents. Sigh. I’m trying not to rant about people moving into entertainment precincts to live when the venues have been there all along.

But the Brightside stepped up, which shows the community between the smaller venues in the Valley. The Brightside, being a repurposed church, has excellent acoustics and every band that plays there sounds great.

First up was Future Haunts, I saw them for the first time at the Hidden Lanes Festival and was impressed, at the Brightside they looked and sounded great.

Future Haunts – photo by Bec Harbour

Sweater Curse is the support band that has been with Horror My Friend for their national tour. Sweater Curse has a strong loyal following in Brisbane – I saw them at BIG SOUND, they seemed to have so much more distortion (in a very good way) in their set than at BIG SOUND.

Sweater Curse – photo by Bec Harbour

Horror My Friend piqued my interest as my 2 biggest musical obsessions, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine are listed on their Triple J unearthed page as major influences. Plus they are on Poison City Records, who along with Milk! Records have been producing and recording some fantastic talent. The boys from Adelaide put on a great show, and I left the gig with my ears ringing, moving through established stuff and newer stuff.

I highly recommend all 3 bands on this bill – they all had solid sets, got the crowd up and going and sounded great.


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