Voiid’s Sludge Sessions with Dicklord and Perve Endings

The Foundry – January 12, 2019

Voiid – Sludge Sessions – The Foundry – photo Bec Harbour

This gig was the exact opposite of yesterdays gig at the Foundry (see previous story for SILO#4). Whereas the bands from yesterday’s gig were melodic fuzz pop, the bands from the Sludge Sessions were loud and the distortion was turned right up.

Perve Endings opened the Sludge Sessions with their noisy synth-pop punk playing crowd favourites like Good Boy and Peaked in High School. Keep an eye out for this band, they are good at getting their crowds dancing and with the catchy hooks they are putting out there they are destined for bigger things.

Perve Endings – Sludge Sessions at The Foundry – photo Bec Harbour

Next up was Dicklord. To be honest I had only heard of them through following Melbourne bands like Horace Bones on Instagram. I had an inkling that they would be a good set. They did not disappoint, and the loyal bunch of fans that turned up with a dildo for them to use as a prop were stoked with the band interactions with it and a police hat. Dicklord unsurprisingly sing about dicks. They were energetic and fast and I was beginning to regret not bringing earplugs for this gig.

Voiid are getting a solid following, they had a good turnout for the matinee under 18 show earlier that afternoon (more bands should do this – these are your future fans!). I last saw Voiid at Big Sound (where my camera suffered an injury – hence the lightning strike cover photo of Voiid I used for my website – that’s what happens when the stabiliser in your lens is destroyed).

Voiid played through their favourites such as Silly Girl and Not For You as well as covering Nirvana. This band have amazing songwriting chops and certainly good taste in music (nice Dinosaur Jr shirt Katie). Hopefully, this is the start of a tradition and there will be more Sludge Sessions in the future.


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